"Horse Thief is an examination

of love and aging inspired and informed by

a lifetime spent both battling and embracing

the harshness and isolation of rural Vermont.

Like love, Stykos' unforgiving wilds both require

and return strength. But they will also,

like love and time, exact that very

strength from you. It is a complex idea,

brilliantly explored on the songwriter's latest,

and likely greatest, record."

Dan Bolles, music editor Seven Days



Wyoming Territory (2013)

was inspired by Kristina's trip out west to

Wyoming and a month-long artist residency.

Much of the album she recorded on portable

recording equipment, there in the Ucross

Foundation composer's studio. Final overdubs 

were added back in Vermont. You can almost

hear the lonesome miles of highway rolling

through the black marshes of Northern Minnesota

and on into the plains of South Dakota.

This Americana style album has both

stripped down acoustics & amped up roots rock,

featuring Kristina's vocals, mandolin & guitar,

with support from drummer Jeff Berlin,

fiddler Patrick Ross, and other well loved

Vermont musicians.


"She long ago earned her reputation

as one of the state’s finest lyricists.

But never has she sounded so focused or refined,

combining the straightforward prose of

a blue-collar bard with deeply poetic sensitivity.

Indeed, many of the record’s most compelling moments

are those that find Stykos alone with her guitar..."

Dan Bolles, music editor, Seven Days



"Somewhat of a dark fantasy adventure. I honestly think

it's one of your strongest collections of songs,

filled with bittersweet tales of regret and heartache

set to melodic, warm, and elegant music..."

Robert Redmond, County Wexford, Ireland


Beautiful Blood (2013)

features a collaboration between veteran east coast

songwriter-producers Kristina Stykos & Steve Mayone

[a.k.a. The Cousins Project], in which they explore

topics of love, jealousy, existential angst &

the wild unpredictability of nature.

Both pull out the stops on this lush album,

taking turns singing and collectively playing

acoustic, resonator & electric guitars, banjo,

lap steel, uke, and mandolin - an Americana, folk-rock

extravaganza! With help from Jeff Berlin on drums,

Patrick Ross on fiddle and other renowned

Vermont musicians.


"They have very distinct and different voices

but they are both playing Americana, folk and blues

with a calm intensity that really is both attractive

and irresistible. Their styles are different

but complementary & when they sing together

the harmonies are completely natural. I have reviewed

both of them at various times, very positively,

and hearing this album they actually sound as though

they were the missing link of each others’ sound

even though you would not have

thought it at the time..."

Andy Snipper, Music-news.com




      The Lost Tapes (2011)

"Your work is superb. This latest collection of

early songs is beautiful and powerful.

Your ability to describe your feelings

and perceptions with attention to detail

is great journalism and your turning these

observations into lyrics is artful and inspiring.

The musical compositions are beautiful

and your performance displays qualities and abilities

I wasn't aware of...

Its a sizable amount of material too. Its clearly

the work of a special artist devoted to

mining the moment for peace and love

and a sense of wholeness.. Everyday the artist

wakes up and starts knocking on doors of awareness,

compelled to paint pictures of animals

on a cave's walls hoping to become them..

this album is a particular favorite."

Harry Becker, Northampton, MA




        Raven (2011)


"It’s not often that the poetry of words

can be so well matched with its counterpart in sound

and no one does this better than producer

and musician Kristina Stycos. On her latest CD

Raven there are some hard edges to decipher

but it is the human spirit’s will to embrace

The Journey that triumphs on this CD.

Grammy nominated pianist Phillip Aaberg joins

her and together they forge their own path."

Spencer Lewis, Quartz Records


in the New Americana landscape. 

"Throughout the record, Stykos uses her

considerable skill as a poet like that

of a painter: she draws the listener in and

captivates with a  canvas of vivid imagery.

Her glorious, trance-like guitar riffs and

Aaberg’s spacey synthesizer work underscore

her words, like sunlight refracted through old glass

of deep but vibrant colors ... Raven swirls

with a depth and warmth that makes it

stand out from the myriad acoustic releases

in Vermont each year. It makes me want to duct-tape

my old Dynaco A-25 speakers to my head so

I can hear every snap and ring. In more ways

than one, Raven is a treat for the ears..."

Robert Resnik, host of All the Traditions

Vermont Public Radio


        In the Earth's Fading Light (2005)

"If Kristina Stykos’ new album

'In the Earth’s Fading Light' was on vinyl

I’d have already worn it out. Luckily,

it’s a compact disk and should be good for a

long time to come. Ever since I received a copy

over a month ago it has been spinning in my

car’s CD player. “Fading Light” is perhaps

the best new album I have heard this year

by anyone, and I’m a heavy consumer of music.

Bruce Springsteen may have gotten all the hype

for this latest effort “Devils and Dust”,

but for my money Stykos has written far better

songs, delivered them with wonderful style,

and can play the pants off of the King

of Asbury Park.”

Art Edelstein, Barre-Montpelier Times Argus


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Wyoming Territory (2013)


Beautiful Blood (2013)


The Lost Tapes (2011)



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